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About TimingDesigner Design Kits
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Today, engineering teams in the electronics industry face unprecedented challenges in product development characterized by shorter design cycles, stringent cost constraints, new feature requirements, and smaller geometries. In order to help you accelerate through these challenges EMA has developed TimingDesigner® Design Kits: pre-assembled timing diagrams of common design components complete with all specified libraries for speed and voltage ratings.

Design Kits give designers a time saving head-start for static timing analysis of their designs. They provide all documented timing protocols associated with commonly used design components such as SDRAM and DDR memory, as well as several common processors and FPGA libraries. Each Design Kit Component is parameterized where applicable so that configuration options affecting timing relationships are accurately represented, and are easily imported into TimingDesigner’s Manager Window (release 9.0 and up). Also included are the manufacturer’s data sheet and other pertinent documentation where applicable.

Design Kit Availability

TimingDesigner Design Kits are available through EMA’s Engineering Resource Center (ERC), FREE of charge to all customers with a valid maintenance contract. A complete listing of available kits can be found here.

To download Design Kits, simply login to the ERC at select the “Downloads” tab, and then scroll down to the “TimingDesigner Design Kits” section. On the ERC you can navigate the directory tree and select the actual kit for download, as well as request kits you would like to see included.

TimingDesigner Design Kits is just one of the services requested by our customers to enhance their design experience. We will continue to develop and expand the availability of these kits in order to serve our customers with the utmost in quality, service, and value.


If you are an IC vendor and would like to contribute Design Kits for your products or are simply an avid TimingDesigner user that has created useful kits that you’d like to share, please contact us at

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TimingDesigner Datasheet

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