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Design Kit Features
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Diagram Protocols

All TimingDesigner Design Kits feature timing protocols as described in the associated component data sheet from which it was created. Protocols such as read, write, and refresh operations are a few of the many diagrams provided with DRAM Design Kits for example. By selecting the desired Design Kits and importing each into your TimingDesigner Manager window, you are instantly provided with all signal level protocol timings for each documented device. These diagrams allow quick setup of your relative design parameters providing timing-accurate waveforms that further provide details on how to control and manipulate the necessary signals to meet timing.

Multiple Libraries

Each Design Kit includes timing parameter libraries for each associated speed grade and/or voltage rating so that designers can easily determine which specific version of the device they need for the most cost effective yet high-performing designs. Library changes are made via an Alias reference in the Parameter Spreadsheet window allowing a single entry change to re-characterize the waveforms for the associated timing library. TimingDesigner’s Manager window provides access to all libraries for editing and review.

Associated Documentation

Each Design Kit also includes the PDF data sheet from which it was built and may include other documentation to aide in design implementations with that component. These documents are provided as a reference source and are also accessible from TimingDesigner’s Manager window.

Design Kit Installation Instructions

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