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TimingDesigner helps simplify complex timing challenges
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The Timing's Right

Combining our experience and technology expertise with ongoing efforts to understand the latest in device technology and design methodologies, we provide our customers with timing analysis excellence to address the most complex of timing challenges for high speed design.

TimingDesigner® is a flexible, interactive static timing analysis and diagram tool. Its intuitive use of timing diagrams and patented spreadsheet technology allow users to model their unique timing challenges, analyze a range of conditions, obtain accurate results and manage timing margins throughout the design process.

TimingDesigner is being used by leading electronics companies around the world to define timing constraints, evaluate timing parameters, create specifications, and analyze complex interfaces within their design. It also simplifies the exchange of critical timing information among project teams enabling users to better manage specification and analysis of high performance interfaces for their digital IC and board designs. It's a productivity tool designers have come to depend on.

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